Case study regions

  • Czech Republic

    Czech Republic

    Ústí Region

    People: 823.000 units


    • Open a discussion and improve knowledge about returning migration among local and regional authorities and Labour Office, regional office in Ústí Region
    • Analyze situation in returning migration in region
    • Show to relevant subjects how to use hidden power and skills of returning migrants for region economic development
    • Develop tools and services for supporting returning migrants
  • Germany


    Landkreis Görlitz

    People: 281.076 units


    • Introduce the concept of emigrants as ambassadors of our region
    • Create a hotline and a platform for "Returners"

    Harz District

    People: 232.343 units


    • Analyses of studies concerning the topics: demand on skilled workers, demographic changes and emigration/ immigration for the Harz region and Saxony Anhalt
    • Identification of possible access to emigrants and returnees to promote to this target group the Harz region and Saxony-Anhalt
    • Building up, fostering and documentation of a network to project relevant stakeholders
    • Combining existing networks and providing the needed help through the establishment of an agency to reintegrate migrants and benefit for the regional development
    • Agency is a one-stop shop being close to the Administrations like building authority, education authority, agency for labour, preschools and so on
  • Hungary


    Central Transdanubian Region

    People: 1.095.000 units


    Topics to be discussed by the networks - both on country and regional level:
    • Relevant trends on labour market
    • The efficiency of local educational system and the link between education and labour market on a local level
    • Main patterns of migration and re-migration
    • Existing policies and practices to attract re-migration
    • Possible future policies and programmes
    • Good practices from other regions, countries
  • Italy


    Valli dell'Ossola Mountain Community

    People: 67.531 units


    To keep young new-graduated people on the territory through:
    • Access facilitations in the labour market
    • Grants
    • Scholarships
  • Poland


    Lodz Region

    People: 2.550.000 units


    • Creating capabilities and conditions to increase employment;
    • Supporting the processes of enhancing the mobility of residents to adjust them to the requirements of the labour market;
    • Developing an active labour market policy, promotion of self-employment and combating unemployment;
    • Creating conditions for the growth of human resources (increase growth, migration) - especially for people in productive age

    Swietokrzyskie Region

    People: 1.267.400 units


    • Establishing of Social Integration Club, which aim will be gathering and using knowledge and experiences gained during labour migration;
    • Access to information about services, institutions and organizations that deal with problems of people who are threatened with social exclusion and unemployment;
    • Increase of effectiveness in searching for possibilities of employment by: simplification in gaining knowledge about workplace vacancies; organizing meetings with careers officer to acquire skills and know-how of active and effective ways of looking for jobs on one’s own and self-promotion; extending one's knowledge and professional retraining, supporting private initiatives;
    • Labour market monitoring, access to databases containing information about professional trainings and other possibilities of increasing professional qualifications and forms, ways and places of employment;
    • Cooperation with other local government territorial units and Regional Labour Office in the sphere of information popularization that concern professional trainings and occupational counselling;
    • Carrying out advertising campaign directed to society, that informs about the influence of intellectual and financial capital and re-migrants’ innovation;
    • Encouraging migrants to coming back to their own country and what follows labour market, creating investing conditions for their capital and establishing foreign relations that concern region development.
  • Slovenia


    Podravska region

    People: 323.110 units


    • Promoting cooperation with companies
    • Providing data about migration
    • Providing information about foreseen policies
    • Providing local/regional information and promoting cooperation between companies and returning migrants