Third meeting of the Regional Working Group for supporting reintegration of migrants in Swietokrzyskie Region

''Swietokrzyskie - are we ready for the return of migrants?''. This is the title of the third meeting of the Regional Working Group in Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship, that took place in Kielce the 17th February

The 17th February 2014 the Binkowski Hotel in Kielce hosted the third meeting of the Regional Working Group for supporting reintegration of migrants and intermediaries in the regional labor market, entitled "Swietokrzyskie - are we ready for the return of migrants?". The meeting was organized by the Department of Regional Policy in Marshal Office of Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Provincial Labour Office and district branches of providing consultancy services EURES network management commands Swietokrzyskie Voluntary Labour Corps, representatives of the office of Kielce, the Department of Vocational Training in Kielce, Swietokrzyskie Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Staropolska Chamber of Industry - Commerce, Bureau of Swietokrzyskie Regional Development, the Statistical Office in Kielce and Swietokrzyskie Association of Private Employers "Lewiatan".

The main objective of the third meeting of the members of Regional Working Group was to present the current results of the international pilot workshops of the project, as well as to obtain a declaration of its participants to continue actions in support of return migration in the region after the completion of the project Re-Turn.

The meeting was opened by Jolanta Zwierzchowska, deputy director of the Department of Regional Policy Marshal's Office. Subsequently, Grzegorz Orawiec, director of the Department of Regional Policy and at the same time Project Coordinator, made a presentation about "Regional Development Strategy 2020 Swietokrzyskie" supporting returning human capital in the next financial perspective. The current demographic situation of Swietokrzyskie for the Poland with a special focus of the migration phenomenon, was presented in the speech of Aneta Królik from Swietokrzyskie Regional Research Center in the Statistical Office in Kielce, while Przemyslaw Kowalczyk, an associate partner in the project, discussed in his presentation the initiatives in support of migrants and cooperation of the public services employment and their labor market partners in the framework of the EURES network.

During the meeting, the occurrence entitled "OHP - a partner in the professional integration and social of people at risk of exclusion" was also presented by Renata Wicha, Deputy Commander in Kielce commands OHP.

The participants actively participated in discussion panels and discussed the development of tools to support and facilitate the employment of migrants by regional employers by getting involved in a joint project.

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