The Kielce meeting

Kielce, the Polish city at the center of cultural, economic and political development in the Swietokrzyskie Region hosted between 11th and 13th September the fifth meeting of the Re-Turn project, that entered in its last and more crucial phase.
3 The city of Kielce was a perfect scenario for the meeting, since many of the current initiatives for the exchange of cultural dialogue organized there exploit the knowledge and experience of migrants, in particular in the field of employment. In this framework, the partners could exchange their experience in the project, that brought to the implementation of different pilot actions in all case study regions.

In Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, 8 pilot areas saw the setting of Hotlines, Ambassadors, Websites, One-Stop-Shops and Training Courses. All these actions were deeply discussed, in order to highlight the main successes and problems encountered so far.

The partners are generally satisfied by the good levels of marketing and of co-operation between public institutions. Also the local/national websites are considered of high interest. On the other hand, so far the main weaknesses concern the little interest of companies - that  in this period are mostly concentrated on measures to cope with economic crisis -, the diffused inability or impossibility to use Skype messaging, Facebook etc in public institutions and the mental barriers that sometimes can compromise the opportunities offered by the different tools.

For this reason it was decided to strengthen the dissemination activities about the project in local media (newspapers, radio) and to focus on lobbying activities, among which the most important moment will be the Brussels workshop, that in next Spring, during the first Plenary Session of the EU Parliament will focus on issues of labour mobility and new migration in EU in the time frame of 2014-2020.

After the visit to the Regional Centre for Science and Technology, an important institution focused on technology transfer and enterprise development, the meeting successfully ended. Next appointments will be the Brussels workshop and, of course, the Prague Final Conference, that will take place next spring.

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