• 2012-09-10

    French media talk about ReTurn project!

    French journalist Yannick Pasquet from Agence France Presse used ReTurn online survey results to inform French people about return migrants coming back to Eastern Germany.
  • 2012-08-30

    New articles on remigration on Die Zeit

    Take a look at the articles that the German weekly Die Zeit dedicated to the discussion about the ReTurn survey results!
  • 2012-07-23

    New reports on re-migration online!

    Two new documents are available online: the ''Comparative Report on Re-Migration Trends in Central Europe'', elaborated by Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI), and the baseline report ''Tools and methods supporting remigrants in a European context'', realized by University of Szeged.
  • 2012-05-03

    EUSDR label for Re-Turn project!

    The ReTurn project, submitted to Priority Area 9 ''To Invest in People and Skills'' of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), has been chosen to be labeled as a project belonging to and supporting the strategy.
  • 2012-05-03

    ReTurn newsletter - 2

    The second newsletter of the ReTurn project is avalaible online!